What’s Meditation Got To Do With It?

I have ‘officially’ completed 47 consecutive days of meditation (so says my Headspace App). But I actually started regularly meditating about 1 month prior to getting the app. Regardless, the fact that I have managed to do something on such a regular basis is cause for some serious celebration. I’ve never seen myself as somebody with the discipline (or desire) to take on a regular practice of anything (with the exception of drinking wine)…

That’s me, in the red shirt, being really good at drinking wine!

Something clicked recently though…

I had just finished reading Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass books and in her signature, no-bullshit way she emphasized the importance of doing something different to get the results you’re looking for. With a background in yoga and a love for self-development, meditation certainly wasn’t a new concept to me, but it was something I always glossed over. Meditation is mentioned in nearly every self-development book I’ve read – from finances to relationships. I recently had a conversation with a best selling author who focuses on high achieving CEO’s in Silicon Valley and he incorporates meditation into their daily routines as well. And if you’ve ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which was written back in 1937 and well before being ‘woke’ was a thing, he mentions it as a way of manifesting wealth as well. So really, what did I have to lose?

70+ days later, here I am. I haven’t yet manifested millions of dollars or my dream house in Costa Rica, but I am well on my way! Here are some of the notable changes I’ve made over the past couple months:

  • I make my bed. Every day.
  • My house is clean. Always. I know where to find all of my belongings because they’re all hung up and put away (with the exception of my wallet because I still strongly dislike purses).
  • I put on makeup, almost every day. At the very least, I have a skincare regime that I do every day.
  • I take care of myself – my mind, body, and appearance.
  • I can run for long distances and actually enjoy it!
  • I value myself and my word and I honor both.
  • I can often quell my desire to be right or ‘get back’ at people/situations I find frustrating.

I don’t know if everybody that adds a regular meditation practice into their life will suddenly start making their bed every day, this wasn’t a ‘potential side effect’ I had ever heard of. But I think its safe to say that something will change, and probably for the better. These shifts have rocked my world (no joke) and I am super excited about what lies ahead.


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