There’s Always Time and Space to Meditate

Sometimes I wonder ‘why now?’ How, despite knowing the potential benefits for years, is it that I love to meditate now and couldn’t stand it a year ago? I think that life is funny like that really. Sometimes, we have to evolve as an individual before we are really ready to take something on fully. In my experience, meditation had always been there for me, I just wasn’t ready to run with it. In addition to this, I had a lot of excuses. These were my three faves: feeling embarrassed, lack of space, and lack of time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.41.09 PM

I remember one of the first times I was going to meditate while my husband was around, I felt almost sick – I was so nervous to tell him. This is a man, who has supported all of my harebrained ideas (and I’ve had a lot). He not only supports them but is always willing to jump right in with me. This time proved to be no different, he didn’t think twice, pulled up a pillow, and now meditates with me every night before bed. All in all, once I broke the ice, this was an extremely easy excuse to overcome….

Lack of space, however, is still a bit of an obstacle (but not really). We are currently living with roommates, and while I have grown accustomed to my husband or my daughter to paying witness to my meditation practices, the twentysomething-seasonal workers-from the Phillipeans that we live with, pose a slightly bigger challenge. When I am at home I usually confine myself to my room. Here’s a picture of my serene piece of heaven…

While there is definitely nothing wrong with meditating between your bed and your TV, I do make a point to visualize a meditation room in my Costa Rican dream house. Until then this works just fine! Other places I’ve meditated:

  • a coat-check room at work
  • my car, even whilst driving (Wayne Dyer’s ahhhh meditation is an excellent way to up your vibe while getting from point A to point B. Its definitely a game changer, so check it out!)
  • in nature, duh!
  • laying down in bed (this isn’t always very successful as I often fall asleep)
  • the bathroom (I’ve replaced ‘potty facebook time’ with visualization. TMI?)
  • every time I run, its the only thing that really keeps me going longer than 10 minutes.

And finally, and this is still a big one, lack of time. I use busyness as an excuse to overlook a lot of things in my life. But I’ve come to appreciate meditation as something that can happen at any time, anywhere. An example of this is when I meditate while I drive (again, always with my eyes open).  How many times have you hopped in the car to drop your kids at school or go to the grocery store, and you get there and realize you can’t actually remember driving there? It happens to me all the time – let’s be honest, driving provides some excellent time to sort out your life. But, the act of noticing that I am sitting in my car, feeling the weight of my body in the seat, and bringing awareness to my body and my breath, brings me right into that moment. There is definitely something to be said for sitting in silence with yourself for long periods of time. But integrating short moments of consciousness throughout your day have proven to be equally as beneficial.

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