Speeding to Chicago

I was born and raised about an hour northwest of Chicago, but I’m currently living in Park City, UT. For the past 6 years, my husband and I and our daughter have always gone back ‘home,’ around Thanksgiving. Normally, we are able to fly back home, but flights this year were ridiculously expensive. So we decided to drive!

I must have been on my second glass of wine when this decision was reached, as the pilgrimage (no pun intended, haha) will take us 20+ hours, each way! Yep. 40 hours, round trip, to see my slightly insane family.

To be honest, we are actually pretty excited. My family doesn’t know that we are coming, and they are all getting together for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and we are going to surprise them! Yes, very exciting, until I got a speeding ticket 🤦🏼‍♀️…..

I’ve been obsessing about it since it happened 5 hours ago and I’ve totally digressed to feeling like a child that’s gotten into serious trouble. And just as a child, I immediately found myself blaming the cop. After all, I was just going along listening to Wayne Dyer The Power of Intention (yes, I really am this needy about self-development) and feeling really good. And this guy had the audacity to pull me over and throw my vibe in the gutter! 🙄 And then I pulled on my big girl pants and realized 1. There’s no amount of obsessing that’s going to make this ticket go away, and 2. I’m in charge of my vibe here.

Yes, speeding tickets suck, and I can mediate until I’m blue in the face but I’ll still have to pay the damn ticket. If I can manage the energy I bring to each of my present moments I won’t have to add this ticket to the ‘baggage’ I am bringing to Chicago. Because lord knows, I’ve got enough baggage to start with.

But more on that tomorrow…

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