About that Baggage…

Physical baggage and emotional baggage, there’s room for it all on this exceptionally long car ride…

While I do love a good road trip, our current 21+ hr drive to Chicago is definitely testing that love. However, one upside to traveling by car is unlimited baggage! I have a bag full of shoes, and another bag full of toiletries (all the liquids sans ziplock bags!!), and this is all in addition to a purse, backpack, and my actual bag full of clothes (yes, when it comes to packing, I have a serious issues).

We’ve finally arrived for Thanksgiving and this is only half my ‘baggage’

Anywho…In addition to all of my physical baggage, I am bringing along plenty of emotional baggage too, 32 years worth of that shit. Despite my constant protests that I am totally ‘fine’ and well-adjusted despite years of squashing down any and all emotions, I’ll admit – deep down, the idea of seeing my family makes me feel a little queasy.

It could be that my sister still lives with my mom and doesn’t pay for a damn thing while I’ve been paying my own way since I was 21 (#firstworldproblems I know 🙄). It could also be that my mom is a pathological liar (which usually make me look bad,) my dad closely resembles Donald Trump (which is becoming more evident everyday), or that the person I like the most is my step-mom (who my dad had an affair with for the majority of my childhood). 🤷🏼‍♀️

Yeah there’s a lot there. And despite all of my effort at developing myself and my relationships, my family seems to fall into the ‘does not apply,’ category.


Funnily enough (or maybe not funny at all?) after writing this bit 👆🏼I switched with my husband and started driving (we were 12 hours into a 21 hour road trip). It was about 4am and I turned on my Wayne Dyer audio book and it tuned right to an entire chapter dedicated to the power of getting along with your family! 😂 You guys, I cant even make this shit up. The Universe is actually always conspiring to help you and it ALWAYS has your back.

I wish I could adequately represent what I learned early this morning but I’m exhausted and what I can tell you is that I approached EVERY situation with love. Every opinion about 45, every complaint about their life, etc., everything I heard was filtered through a sense of compassion. And it ACTUALLY WORKED. After an entire afternoon with my most challenging family members I don’t want to kill myself 😮 We still have 9 more days together, so I’ll keep youupdated!

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