I had an interesting realization yesterday while I was driving. Normally, when I am in the car, I envision everyone on the road, myself included, as being in their own little bubbles. Everybody is separate and going their own way. But the feeling I got yesterday was that of being connected to all these people. Not connected in that semi-cheesy superficial “we are all one” kinda way.

The realization dawned on me that we are all made from the same divine power. It’s always funny to me when I consider different religions I know with yoga and self-development philosophies, because they’re all saying the same thing! Something created us in their likeness (whether it’s God, the Universe, Soul, Spirit, Divine Power) we are all made from the same thing. Yet we constantly suffer from the idea that we are all separate or different from one another. But we actually aren’t. We might be on different paths and have different beliefs and values, but ultimately we are all the same. We are all connected and when I consciously tune in to the energy I cultivate every moment, the separateness starts to fade away. It is in these moments of connection that I am capable of more compassion, more love and more peace. And isn’t that what our world needs more of?

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