Definition of integrity on

I tend to avoid this word for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’ve spent the bulk of my life, out of integrity.
  2. I have experienced people throwing this word around in a superficial sense, all the while acting the opposite way.

This blog is the result of a deep seated commitment to change my own status quo – align mind, body, and spirit to create the life I want. And then the holidays hit and I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving 🤦🏼‍♀️. After missing that first day, it was clear that I was no longer ‘complete or undivided,’ as the above definition outlines. My original intentions of posting everyday, was no longer aligned with my current actions, and I knew that I needed to get clear on my priorities.

Realizing that I had a limited amount of time to see my family whilst I was in Chicago, I decided that my priority would be to focus on spending time with them and resume writing as soon as I got in the car to make the trip back home.

In my experience, being out of integrity results in a dull feeling of queasiness in my gut. And this feeling still remained. I realized that while I had realigned my intentions and priorities I was experiencing the fear of failing, yet again. I was worried that I would do what I’ve always done and just keep putting it off and making excuses. And it was then, that I remembered Wayne Dyer’s words from his morning manifestation meditation:

My past is nothing more then the trail I have left behind. What drives my life today, is the energy I generate in each of my present moments.

I have come back to these words for the past couple days as a reminder that I am not what has happened in my past and that I am capable of bringing renewed and positive energy to each moment. Unknowingly, this fear stemming from the past was another way in which I was out of integrity.

I am really excited about what’s possible with this concept in mind. How many other things can I shift in my life when I let go of how I have handled them in the past? What about you? What’s possible for your life?

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